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Sales - Hardware

We can build you a complete system designed to suit your needs, and take you into the future. Complete systems for business, home, games, video editing, sound editing, and more! Give us your specifications, and we can make the perfect system for you. We can also build network and internet servers as well! Give us a challenge!

Printers & Accessories

We can also find the printing solution best suited for you. Whether it's a small ink-jet printer for the home, or a network-ready laser printer for the office, we know the answers. We carry over 5000 different computer peripheral products, andif we don't have the product you need, we will send you to someone who does!


Have an older system that doesn't quite handle your current tasks? Talk to us about upgrades. We can identify the best upgrade path for you! That could mean a simple memory or hard drive upgrade, or maybe even an complete over-haul of your system. We will let you decide whether upgrading or purchasing a new system is right for you.

Used Systems

We have access to good quality refurbished off-lease PCs and notebooks. In many cases, people do not need the power of a brand new system, and a used system can save you money! Contact Us for a current list.

Warranties & Fine Print

All new systems and parts are covered under warranty for a minimum of 1 year (unless otherwise noted on your invoice), except RAM which is has a 30 day warranty. Some items come with a manufacturers warranty that is longer than the warranty from ICS Computers. If this is the case, ICS will handle the return and replacement of the product, but will charge a small handling charge and any labour if needed. All of our used systems are covered under warranty for a minimum of 30 days, however, most carry a 90 day warranty. Due to the unknown history of our used systems, we cannot offer any extended warranties. Our used systems are refurbished and any worn parts are replaced, you should have many years of worry-free use. The warranty will automatically become null and void if the product is found damaged by accident, misuse, misapplication or if serviced by unauthorized personnel. Warranty will also be null and void if the serial numbers are damaged or removed, or there is evidence of tampering.