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Networking is not just for large businesses anymore. Small business operations and home owners are using networks all the time. With the release of wireless networks, the installation is even easier. Of course, network security is still an issue, and setting up the hardware and software to work together can sometimes be tricky.


Do you run a business, or do you have a home office? Do you need to share files, printers, ideas and even the internet with more than one system? Well, a network is the best answer. It does not matter if your computers are beside each other, or across the country, we can solve all your networking problems. Our technicians can recommend the best products for your situation, and seamlessly install your network. We can also repair and maintain your network, giving you years of worry-free operation.


802.11 what? What is my signal strength? Can someone hack into my network? If you have these questions, or others, then we need to talk. Wireless is still a developing technology and not all products work with each other, and not all products will be the ones you need. Sometimes a combination of wired and wireless is better. We can set up small wireless networks for your home or office, or larger networks for commercial and industrial applications. Wireless can even be sent from building to building up to 3 miles away!