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Websites - Design

Your website can be created using a stock template, or custom designed.

Business Card Page

We can create what we call a basic 'business card' page instead of a complete website. This would include your logo, a photo, content information, email link and a Google Map. This is a great way to get you a web presence, until you decide what to do with your site.


In many cases, a template can fulfill the needs of your website, and save you money at the same time. We just put your pictures and information into one of our hundreds of stock templates. We can also start with a template and do some custom work on it as well. It all depends on what you want your site to look like.

Custom Design

If you have more specific needs, or if we cannot find a template that you like, we can completely custom design a site for you. One of our graphic designers can work with you to get the perfect site. You are consulted on every step.


Once you have a site, we can add functionality to it using various methods. Blogs, forums, photo galleries, event calendars, and RSSĀ feeds can allow you to have a dynamic site with minimal effort on your part. If your site is more elaborate, we can use PHP scripts (along with SQL) to accomplish any task.


We welcome the do-it-yourselfer, that prefers to do as much of the work as they can. We can work closely with you and fill in the areas that you need. For instance, we can create the template, or some custom scripting, or just some graphic design.


These sites also come in two varieties... template based, and custom designed. For companies with smaller product lines that do not change very often, we recommend the template based e-commerce site. It still has all the standard e-commerce features, but has a really simple interface and layout. If you have a lot of products, that are constantly changing, then a custom site is preferred. We can create the online version of your catalogue look the same as your printed version.