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It has been proven that a properly designed and promoted website can greatly increase awareness and consumer confidence of your business. Once you have an active and useful site, maybe the next step is to try and sell your product directly from the site.

There are many variations of an E-commerce site, each designed a fill a certain need. Whether you want an online version of your catalogue with a "shopping list" feature, or a complete online store with payment handling, we can help make it happen.

The "back-end" of the store can be set up for even the novice computer user to manage. Everything is done through a web-based interface - no programming required! The E-commerce software can even manage your inventory, handle coupons and make re-ordering a snap. You can also choose your payment options, including credit cards, COD, money orders and even Paypal.

Each E-commerce solution needs to be tailored to meet the needs of the supplier and customer. For this reason, our designers will need to work closely with you to create a site that you will be proud of.